About the Author

Austin Charles Earley was born in England in 1979 to an unconventional life. His parents separated when he was a toddler. Three years of his childhood were spent in Somerdale, New Jersey when his mother remarried into an American Irish/Russian Jewish family.

He became familiar with his father by exchanging written correspondence during the latter’s imprisonment. When he was 18, his father passed after enjoying ‘all of the drugs’ for many years. His mother, a charismatic and caring woman considered work the curse of the drinking class and so opted out of employment entirely.

A welfare upbringing exposed him to confidence tricksters, criminals and reprobates. It taught the art of deception, identification of the nefarious, how never to be bullied and an irrepressible drive to succeed outside of crime. He inherited a high intellect and with shorter synapses than most, academia was easy.

Austin graduated from Manchester University with a Masters Degree in Chemistry. Passing up the offer of a funded PhD, he then spent years travelling to 120+ countries. Intermittently, he consulted for global investment banks, later passing a CFA exam and specialised in derivatives, then anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing. He was married to a wonderful woman from Azerbaijan for a number of years and has lived in 10+ countries learning Spanish along the way.

It was during his time in the "People's" Republic of China that he began to understand the dystopian world building, systematic deception and underlying global strategy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He understood that the continued existence of liberal democracies and their hard fought privileges delegitimises the very existence of the CCP. The West has always been their sworn enemy and the CCP are quietly and effectively dismantling what the Free World has built. It is much easier to be tricked than to admit that we have been tricked.  

Having visited so much of the global south/developing world it became even clearer how the systems and values of the West/Free World are so special. The diversity and quality of modern human culture generated alone is something to be cherished. Clearly, the systems are not perfect but are utopian in comparison to totalitarian CCP rule.

If the CCP succeeds in rewriting history in their image, the world of George Orwell's 1984 will seem like a children's fairytale in comparison to the methods and reality of 1China84.

The author observed that history was repeating itself. What should he do? Ignore, pretend or enjoy it while it all lasts and then later regret that he did not raise his hand?

No, the author decided to do whatever was in his power to affect change. It was the simple case of what he wanted now versus what we wanted more. He quit his job, identified his ignorances and read (and is still reading) relevant books, academic journals, articles and reports to fill his known knowledge gaps. Reluctantly, he engaged with social media and created this website. He wants you to know what he has learnt in a single, accessible book. And in that book are both pragmatic solutions and the information to inspire solutions from others. The ongoing and multifaceted global war against the CCP will be decades long and could potentially be lost with horrific consequences. He hopes his message will change the world and influence the outcome.

The author has not (yet!) been homeless, absurdly rich or in a war zone though a diverse life experience has enabled him to relate to the world and its people more than most. The loves of his life are surfing, music, reading, comedy, friends, modern board games and his mother.

With extreme luck and gratitude, he benefited from being born into a system that is an historical anomaly. His wish is for everyone to eventually have the same opportunities, freedoms and chance at contentment he was afforded. He views the CCP as the greatest threat to both the anomaly and the wish.