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1China84: We are Winston Smith. Why should you care?

“All warfare is based on deception.” Sun Tzu’s Art of War.
1China84: We are Winston Smith. Why should you care?
Summon by Badiucao.

1China84: We are Winston Smith is an upcoming, non-fiction book about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their multifaceted war on the Free World.

A War Seems Inconceivable

The West has typically viewed warfare as von Clausewitz states, "an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfil our will". Simply put, warfare is army against army on a battlefield where lethal force is used until there is a victor and the dominated.

In addition to this narrow definition, the CCP views every other aspect of competition as an ongoing war too:

  • Information
  • Cyber
  • Political
  • Psychological
  • Cognitive Liberty
  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Technological
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade
  • Drugs
  • Biological
  • Kinetic (Gray Zone)

To be clear, the CCP intend to compel their opponents to fulfil their will across all of these battlefields. How have they been doing this?

The CCP utilise stratagems or attacking their opponents strategy rather than their opponent. These stratagems and their execution are secret and opaque. The realisation that these wars are even being waged does indeed seem inconceivable.

But since 1949, ongoing and global shadow wars have been waged by the CCP. There is a specific focus on the United States of America and its allies so that they fulfil the wills of the communist party. Without any obvious, direct fighting, the CCP has been handsomely winning on nearly all fronts.

Briefly consider humanity's most important drug discovery: antibiotics. Antibiotics cure bacterial infections though viruses are resistant. Understanding their critical importance, the CCP ordered and subsidised all their domestic pharmaceutical companies to synthetically undercut the entire global supply chain.

Companies in the People's Republic of China (PRC) over a certain size are required to have a CCP secretariat cell within. These secretariats are empowered decision makers and often have international reach. Essentially, when the CCP wish to enact a stratagem, it happens overnight and globally with little to no resistance.

After all western competition was eliminated by a state backed campaign, the CCP increased prices and ended subsidies. Before, the world enjoyed uninhibited market access to a life saving drug. Today, most of the raw materials, chemical building blocks and manufacturing for the world's required medicines has been monopolised by the CCP's drug companies. These companies follow just 40% of the health regulations of western companies.

Yes, the World Trade Organisation exists to counter such mercantilist, government practice. Yet, as a member, the PRC enjoys related benefits where they are advantageous and ignores commitments where they are disadvantageous. Ancient China invented mercantilism and the CCP fear free markets and trade will prevent them from dominating and monopolising access to the world's critical resources.

In 2004, the last penicillin fermentation plant ceased operations in the US. Whenever the CCP choose to shut the door on this critical export dependence, US civilian and military hospitals would cease to function within months. This powerful leverage is neither a coincidence nor an isolated example.

Why is it important that the CCP are winning these multifaceted, zero sum wars?

Humanity's Greatest Threat

1China84 evidences that the continued existence of the Chinese Communist Party is cumulatively worse for humanity than any single issue that our species has ever faced.

Epic scale human rights abuses, genocide and a focussed campaign to erode and destroy progressive human values is happening now. The largest arms build up since World War II is occurring and an intentional compounding of geopolitical conflict threatens the most peaceful period in recorded history. There is an acceleration towards environmental apocalypse and the creation of a dead zone that was once a thriving ocean. The PRC has one of the most economically unequal societies on earth and the people of the PRC are currently powerless to instigate any meaningful change.

The book exposes the "power first, people last" mentality of the CCP and how this ongoing vice has blighted and continues to blight the ordinary citizens of the PRC.

Why should you care?

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." - Martin Niemöller’s "First They Came".

This poem was written just after the Holocaust where millions of human beings, principally European Jews, were systematically slaughtered like cattle.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist." - Paraphrased from Charles Baudelaire, made famous by the movie "The Usual Suspects".

1China84: We are Winston Smith describes that now is the turn of the outside world and their children to be slowly stripped of the elements that elevate us from animals. Our diverse cultures, imagination, languages, independent creativity and our hard fought freedoms of expression are slowly being eroded and in some cases erased. The very concept of self-actualisation is being redefined by the party in their own image.

Countries will have a choice: become a modern vassal state and toe the CCP line or suffer the consequences. Some countries have already made their choice.

History is repeating itself.

The Chinazi flag used in the 2019 Hong Kong protests. The once vibrant, free port is now just like any other mainland Chinese city in the CCP's empire.

Normalisation Creep

The ongoing shadow wars are being fought stealthily with a time horizon of decades. CCP progress is being achieved by smaller provocations that would not trigger an act of war. These phased provocations cumulate over time to produce a much larger combined outcome. That much larger outcome, if attempted as a single event would likely be unlawful, too obvious to its enemies or would trigger strong resistance. The CCP tests the limits of its enemies, identifies the threshold of response and provocations are made to its advantage just below this threshold.

This salami slicing strategy (or nibbling like a silkworm) incrementally improves the CCP’s position to the detriment of others. A slow death by a thousand paper cuts. For now, there will likely be no “big bang”, Pearl Harbour-like event that results in an open declaration of war.

Through a psychological process called the peak-end theory, we judge our memories or observed events based on how we felt at their peak and at the end of that experience. For example, we may remember the worst event of a televised war and the end of that televised war.

As there is no planned peak or big bang like event, we simply fail to notice what is happening through this salami slicing method until the larger change is evident.

It is easier to be tricked than to admit that you've been tricked

The Sun Tzu "Art of War" approach of winning without fighting is being expertly demonstrated by the party that leans on a power base of close to 100 million members. The intellectual power of the brightest minds of the world's most populous country is expertly driving this change. As humanity last discovered en masse during World War 2, intelligence and morality are not the same thing.

The grand strategy of the CCP is global hegemony and to extinguish any competing ideologies (referred to as "struggle"). There is a particular focus on the intentional decimation of the West. The continued existence of liberal democracies and their way of life is a constant reminder to their subjects that the CCP is an illegitimate regime.

There were never any real CCP planned reforms to adopt the values of the Free World. It was an expertly crafted mirage that even history's greatest superpower, the United States, with all its powers of intelligence gathering and experience from toppling the Soviet Union, gullibly bought into.

The most systematic, significant and dangerous intelligence failure in US history was not realising that the CCP consider the US as their number one enemy. The CCP  likens the US to Hitler and always has done (as written in PRC documents). America and its allies are a losing a war that until very recently, they had no idea was even happening.

The ignorance and greed of our consumer choices has allowed CCP totalitarianism to economically flourish. Governments have prioritised short term economic gains over their values too. As demonstrated, this has limited or eliminated our alternatives to companies not owned or influenced by the CCP. Corporations, alongside governments and captured elites became financially entrenched and now dare not speak out too loudly for fear of exclusion or penalties from the party. The silent kowtow.

Because of these misguided choices, the party presides over the second largest economy in history. It is projected to overtake and then accelerate past the US economy and by some economic measures it may have already done so.

A Totalitarian Superpower

The CCP seek economic, then political and finally military domination, that includes space and the ocean.  In their expanding totalitarian empire, only the absolute support of the party will keep a Han-Chinese citizen alive with their negative liberties intact.

What about the rest of us? Non-Han Chinese and non-conformists will be initially kept as a heavily oppressed, work force for the CCP’s benefit (this is happening right now within the PRC). Phased and forced sterilisation will be employed on a greater number of humans than is being done there today. At the point our cost outweighs utility, we’ll be exterminated and any useful biological materials will be harvested for the market (again, this is also being done today). We will be treated similar to today’s domesticated animals and then our excess materials will be fed to those animals. More elaborate equations will determine this liability point for each of us which will be updated as technology develops and our subsequent utility to the regime diminishes over time. When full extermination of this remaining population is complete, history will be re-written as if we had never existed. Vaporised.

With the CCP’s continued and aggressive development of advanced technology for these purposes, getting to that end goal will make any previous calamity, purge, genocide and George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia read like a child’s optimistic bedtime story in comparison.

Hope and Solutions

There are countless small, unpretentious things that we know with certainty: Happiness is preferable to misery, and dignity is better than humiliation. It is really bad that people suffer, and worse if a culture turns a blind eye to their suffering. Death is worse than life; the attempt to find a common point of view is better than the manipulative contempt for it. Dismally, the CCP took the latter viewpoint and will attempt to find a common viewpoint in words only while they continue executing their grand plan.

The most valuable commodity that we have today is the truth and it is necessary that these important truths be known. Critically, this book also offers hope and more importantly, pragmatic answers.

Across its themed chapters, numerous problem statements are formed and directly answered with solutions. whichever type of stake you have in society and our world.

1China84 unmasks a nefariously hidden present and the global domination strategy of a totalitarian superpower.

It is also a message to the future.

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