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The Medium of Cold War v2.0

"Mr. Jinping, tear down this wall." - Anon.
The Medium of Cold War v2.0
The power of ideas and the connection between those that had humanity's best interests at heart ultimately ended the first Cold War. The Free World triumphed though now face an even more brutal regime (the CCP) that has learned from and dares not repeat the mistakes of history. The CCP has been successfully and secretively fighting Cold War v2.0 for decades.

As I wrote in a previous post, meaningful non-fiction books are not just based on hope, morales, sentiment and intuition. An enlightening book about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requires ample time: hundreds of hours of reading, research, evidencing, drafting, revising and dedication. In order to fully succeed, 1China84: We are Winston Smith also requires a platform, interest and a willing audience.

A Degree of Separation from a Million Others

The beauty of a free, unrestricted internet in the 21st century is our ability to choose to connect with every other human on the planet that has that access too.

For example, let's propose you are connected to a minimum of a thousand people through a combination of your social, interests and work circles. It may seem like a large minimum though think social media, instant messaging, email and any other way that you engage with society using the internet. Let's also propose that those connected people too also have a minimum of a thousand connections. You are one degree of separation from a million people. Power. Your power.

Now, imagine explaining to your great grandparents the bevy of technology that exists today to communicate with humankind. Assuming they understood the premise of that technology, their response is likely to land somewhere between sheer disbelief and a suggestion to make a sequel to the 1975 movie, "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest".

The power that was once reserved for the town crier, printed press, radio station and televised moving image is now in the hands of billions.

Cold War v2.0

This optional, global ability to connect is a privilege or luxury that we may take for granted. That luxury has rightfully become our necessity. For millions, that necessity of free access has been removed altogether by their governments.

The Chinese Intranet where all available information is manicured to obey the narrative of the Chinese Communist Party. Billions are spent annually on censoring any divergent opinions and promoting convergent viewpoints.

As explained in that previous post about Why China? Why the CCP?, the Great Firewall of China prevents the People's Republic of China (PRC) citizens' access to the global, free internet. And it prevents the global, free internet from connecting with them too.

This information barrier was deliberately designed and enforced by the CCP so that they have a monopoly on the uniform message and self-serving narrative that their subjects receive. Independent sources of information are not allowed and when they crop up, they are brutally scythed by a CCP-funded team of millions. Social media is for domestic participants only though is also heavily surveilled and paid shills provide the illusion/confusion that there is love for the CCP.

Amongst many other themes, 1China84 documents the CCP's decades long cold war (v2.0) that includes this informational Berlin Wall, patriotic education that often conflicts with reality and a propaganda machine that beats the drums of war. Additionally, it describes and explains the psychological impact that this has had on 1.5 billion PRC citizens and the global consequences of the present and what this means for the future. By offering pragmatic solutions, 1China84 proposes how we shall end the barbaric regime of the CCP. Hundreds of millions in the PRC will obtain their cognitive liberty and the Free World will safeguard theirs.

The CCP has purposely created an "Us and Them" scenario. This was in direct response to the 1989 Tiananmen Square bloodbath where those that peacefully demonstrated for freedom were brutally crushed by the CCP. Military tank tracks rolled over living bodies and bones, hollow point bullets mushroomed on impact with human flesh and the vital organs of demonstrators were bayonetted. Any ideas of the citizens of the PRC that are not approved by the CCP are no longer allowed to flourish.

"Us and Them" as intended by the CCP.

Literary Agents & Publishing Proposals

All ideas, concepts and beliefs started with a single individual and blossom through their utility, relevance and agreement.

The process of conventionally publishing a non-fiction book such as 1China84: We are Winston Smith is different to publishing a fiction book. With a fiction book, the manuscript or latest version of the full story is sent to a literary agent. The literary agents then read the work and contemplate representation of the author. Non-fiction books require a formal and comprehensive book proposal in addition to the work itself.

This proposal enables the literary agent to understand the ideas, concepts and beliefs of the content. The proposal also describes an overview, the author, the target audience, the scope/structure of the book, chapter descriptions and possibly a sample, competing title analysis, demonstrating that there is both a marketing plan and an already interested, target audience. Demonstrating the latter element, like many aspects of the modern world, is a numbers game.

In addition to creating this website as a platform for the purposes of demonstrating a larger audience, I also now publish on Medium, post on Instagram and tweet on Twitter.

Here we go.

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